What is sp59542.exe?

sp59542.exe is executable file found on HP Windows machines. It is developed by Hewlett-Packard and is a part of IDT Audio Driver package.

If it is using too much memory or CPU of your HP Laptop, it is possible that your sp59542.exe file has been attacked and infected with a virus or malware.

If you have problem with sp59542.exe file first check it with virus scanner. If you have any other problem with sp59542.exe, you may try using a registry cleaner or a speed-up software like CC cleaner / Avast to check, analyze, and fix problems that are affecting the performance of your computer.

You can also remove it from your HP Laptop.

Just go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs and select IDT Audio Driver from the list.

If you want to download IDT software package, you can download it from Hewlett-Packard website from the following link.


2 thoughts to “What is sp59542.exe?”

  1. HI THERE,
    I m trying to download sp59542 but all the time downloads driver booster.exe… ı hate this program all the time asks to pay full abonnement.. ı just need to let to work beats audio thats all but ı m trying to find solution maybe somebody can help me thnks ..


  2. I need the Beats Audio Control driver for my hp laptop. When I am attempting to launch it via control panel it is throwing a error message ‘cannot find .startup file’. Please suggest what to do?

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